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Bet, you have heard and experienced Blogs and V-logs. But, what if you are not a good writer or not good with videos? What if you are good, but don't have time for either?

We have got you covered. Explore Audio logs! An Entirely new concept of Blogging.

ad.Con  // coming soon

I know you hate to see an IGTV video in landscape, or youtube video in Portrait! We do too. Don't worry, that is why we are launching our ad.Con portal where our content is Adaptive to Orientations. 

The content remains the same, along with the change in content. Try ad.Con demo video!  // coming soon

Educational content can get really boring, and generic. Because we, as Educators understand that. We bring you our Courses (currently Design related), which will be adaptive based on your INPUTs and your learning curve. 

Give a try. Check our Demo course to become Curious!